For online Roulette players in New Zealand, the online options to play the game for real money used to be a sad affair with little information on reputable casinos sites and their games. The industry used to be badly regulated and in some cases, terribly misunderstood. The market has recently opened up to allow European online casinos with the MGA casino license into the local market offering all the variants of online Roulette. It is well-known that in the past, reputable information on online casinos was hard to come by. If you search for online-casino-nz you will find comparison reviews on the new online casinos, their Roulette games and their payment methods conveniently listed.

Some background on Roulette

The game of Roulette that is known and loved today is said to have been accidentally invented when a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal, tried to invent a perpetual motion machine. Along with the mechanics of the French game Cavagnole, the beginning of Roulette was born. The green single zero was added to allow casinos offering the game to make a profit. The game spread to the USA and their casinos took profit-making a step further by adding a double-zero option, thus further increasing the edge that the house has over the players. Even with these changes, the basic rules of the game remained the same over the decades. The Internet allowed the game's popularity to explode as players could now play any variant of the game.

  • Inside bet options - higher payout
  • Outside bet options - higher chance to hit

For the beginner Roulette player there are two overriding bet options to use when playing Roulette. First-time players are advised to focus on the outside bet options of the European Roulette version at first, as these have lower risk. Outside bet options are odds vs evens, red vs black, 1st 18 vs 2nd 18, and have lower payouts but higher chance of hitting then those of Inside bets. Inside bet options are normally favoured by more advanced Roulette players and include more specific bets, such as single numbers, two adjacent or street bets covering three adjacent numbers. Inside bets have a lower chance to get hit but the payouts are far larger than with Outside bets.

What are good beginner Roulette strategies?

Roulette is a game where the house edge against the players is rather large but he can use various strategies to help him reduce the odds against him and help with ore regular payouts. A good starting point is to find and download some Roulette strategy charts that can help to explain the Inside and Outside betting options with the odds associated to each as well as the expected payout odds. Armed with these, the next step is to find a Roulette simulator at a casinos that does not require the player to sign up. A Roulette simulator is basically a free play version of a casino's real money games but runs off the same random number generator.

Using a casino with free play or a Roulette simulator is the perfect scenario for the player to try out a beginner Roulette strategy such as the Martingale betting strategy. The Martingale strategy dictates that the player starts with a basic small bet, such as NZ$1.00. If he wins on that bet, his next bet will revert back to his NZ$1.00 bet. If he loses on that bet, then the player doubles his bet amount so that the next bet will be NZ$2.00. If he loses again, then he doubles again. Should he win, then he goes back to the initial NZ$1.00 bet. A Roulette strategy allows the player to become a bit more disciplined in his betting strategy and prevents erratic emotional betting.


The future of online roulette in New Zealand

After a period of time where New Zealand online Roulette players had very little choice when it came to casinos offering their favourite variant of the game, regulations have changed for the better. A host of legal online casinos are set to enter the local market thereby increasing the choice for the player. Before opting to play Roulette for real money at any of these new casinos, novice players are advised to freshen up on their roulette rules and gameplay. Playing Roulette for free at first will help to improve on basic roulette strategy. Start with the European version and play the outside bet options at first. Being prepared will ensure many an entertaining hour of real Roulette play in future.