Koi Club Events

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reviving the Club

The last time the club members came together was three years ago in June of 2010.  Membership interest fell dramatically as our Las Vegas housing market declined.  While we always enjoyed getting together to visit and learn about koi keeping there seemed to be more pressing matters for much of the membership.  There is a core group of members who still stay in touch but no official meetings have been held.  Our standing with the State of Nevada and our dues to the AKCA are still current.  Our appointed AKCA representative and the Treasurer are still in place.  The other offices are not filled.
I cannot tell you the number of emails received over the past three years asking to help move koi from homes that were in foreclosure.  Thankfully those calls have dramatically reduced over the past few months.  The recovering housing market is evident by the number of new people inquiring about the club and assistance with their ponds and keeping koi.

Please send me a message if you are interested in participating in gathering together to discuss the direction of the club. 
It has been suggested that having a meeting a couple of times a year instead of monthly may work for a while.  Still others want to have a party to relaunch the club.  
Everyone misses the camaraderie we shared while becoming better koi keepers.
Please let me know your thoughts and willingness to participate in putting something together for a great group of people.

Have a beautiful day,
Janon Wallace

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Rememberance of our Friend Pam Kinkade

Celebration of Life
Saturday, June 19 @ 4:30 pm
Palm Mortuary
1600 S. Jones,
Las Vegas, NV

Our fellow koi club and founding club member Pam Kinkade passed away on Sunday, June 13 of natural causes. Pam was dedicated to the health of her koi and is responsible for teaching many of us the proper protocols for testing your koi and making sure your pond is a healthy environment for your koi. She loved her pond and koi and was always there to share her knowledge and experience for all club members. Some of our most memorable meetings have been at her home in her courtyard surrounded by beautiful pond and koi. Her hospitality and generous gifts of time will be missed by us all. Arrangements are being made through Palm Mortuary and will be posted here when available. On Saturday Pam sent an email out to some of her friends. If you didn't receive it, please take a moment to watch what she felt was important enough to share.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great to see our friends!

The Chili Cookoff was so much fun! We had seven fantastic varieties of chili and all of the fixings.
Kent, Scott and DeEtta were the judges and blind tasted over and over again until they came up with the top three!
The rest of the day was spent pond side catching up with old friends and watching the koi, kids and dogs who came along. Once everyone gets me their recipes I will send them via email to the membership.

The calls and emails are starting to come in from people with ponds and koi who need help. Encourage them to come to meetings and be active in the club. If there is an emergency refer them to Drs. Sulliban. Be careful introducing koi from these ponds into your collection. Remember the rule, quarantine, quarantine, quarantine.

We will have another weekend meeting in May. Watch the calendar.